High Tech Coworking Membership

High Tech Sit-Stand Electronic Desk

This membership option provides you with a healthy approach to your shared office experience.  The standing desk improves circulation and reduces the risk of back and shoulder pain while you work.  You can convert to a “treadmill desk” and improve overall fitness by walking on a treadmill while you work on a computer or have a video conference meeting.

More Private Workspace

This membership offers you a more private high tech desk within our shared office coworking community .  

Locked filing cabinet, a bookshelf with both open and closed storage space, as well as personal high speed WiFi is included with this membership.

Awesome Amenities

Conference Room

High Speed Internet and Printers

  • Wireless/wired high speed internet
  • Networked printing, fax, copying and scanning

Private Phone room

Collaborative Workspaces

Take A Break

Breakroom with all the essentials